Save someone's life

The Save A Life Party

Bank Holiday Monday
25 May 2020

Join Jewish youth movements and students for the great livestream Save A Life Party. Judge Rinder will host a carousel of celebrities and entertainers including Love Island’s Eyal Booker; comedians Joe Bor, Rachel Creeger and Simon Brodkin; and live from Tel Aviv, star Israeli musical performers Tova Swed & Bruno Grife and Yermi Kaplan. 

They’re coming together to raise awareness of how a simple swab of the mouth could save a life. If you have a blood cancer, such as leukaemia, you need to find a stem cell donor with a matching tissue type to save your life. Your ethnicity affects your tissue type – in other words a Jewish patient is much more likely to find a match with another Jewish person. With a simple home testing kit, you swab your mouth and return the swab to a lab. Your tissue type can then be registered for any current or future patients, and one day, you could save a life.

Here are the links to get your swab kit:

Anthony Nolan Trust



You can still save a life by getting a swab kit sent to you