Removes make-up, cleans ears and now saves lives! I want to help
Removes make-up, cleans ears and now saves lives!

There are any number of things you can do with a cotton swab, but now one of them is potentially save a life.

Here’s how. By taking a saliva sample from your mouth with a swab (or from a spit into a tube), a laboratory can determine your tissue type. This is important because if you have a blood cancer such as leukemia, your best chance of survival may well depend on a stem cell transplant from someone with the same tissue type as yours. And if you’re Jewish, that’s far more likely to come from someone who is also Jewish.

Giving a saliva sample only takes a minute, but could mean you can give someone decades of life. Be a lifesaver.

Find out on this website more about becoming a donor. And if you want to support the trust’s work in other ways, go here.


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