There are any number of things you can do with a cotton swab, but now one of them is potentially save a life.

Here’s how. By taking a saliva sample from your mouth with a swab (or from a spit into a tube), a laboratory can determine your tissue type. This is important because if you have a blood cancer such as leukemia, your best chance of survival may well depend on a stem cell transplant from someone with the same tissue type as yours. And if you’re Jewish, that’s far more likely to come from someone who is also Jewish.

Unfortunately, the national registry of tissue types is running low on Jewish registrants. That’s because the large number of Jewish people recruited in the 1990s (on behalf of Sue Harris), are now too old to be donors. We need to recruit new potential donors.

Giving a saliva sample only takes a minute, but could mean you can give someone decades of life. Be a lifesaver.

Find out on this website more about becoming a donor. And if you want to support the trust’s work in other ways, go here.