Don't throw these life-saving stem cells away
Save someone's life

Every year a new group of young, healthy and compassionate Jews become eligible to join the stem cell donor register.

We’ve created Swab Week to make sure no donor candidate is overlooked, and that everyone aged 16-24 in the community has the opportunity to get involved.

It’s simple. One week to spread the word on how every young Jew can be a life saver.

We go to schools, universities, charities and any other social impact organisation who wants to take action.

We provide guidance on how to set up the sessions, and support you to educate your young people and promote signing up to the donor registry.

If your pool of potential donors are still under 18, we will also inform the parents on what the young people are being asked to do and provide them with materials to help them come to an informed decision.


Swab Week is our stage to think up creative ways to excite young people to get swabbing, you can check out previous Swab Week campaigns here: