Don't throw these life-saving stem cells away
Save someone's life

Every year a new group of young, healthy and compassionate Jews become eligible to join the stem cell donor register.

We’ve created Swab Week to make sure no donor candidate is overlooked, and that everyone aged 16-24 in the community has the opportunity to get involved.

It’s simple. One week to spread the word on how every young Jew can be a life saver.

Jewish Swab Week 2023 will be from 6 – 13 February 2023.

We are delighted to be running events across the country, from JCoss in London and Kantor King Solomon High School in Essex,  to Beis Rochel Seminary in Gateshead, giving young, eligible Jews the chance to join the register and become potential life savers.

To register your interest in running an event please email

Stay tuned for your chance to join the #SwabSquad